Course Overviews

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T

Reading and Writing – We will be working every day on reading and writing strategies. We will be using Achieve this year which is a web-based program where students will be reading non-fiction articles right at their reading level.  Our focus for writing is through the Lucy Calkin’s curriculum.  Our three main pieces of writing will be narrative, research based and a literary essay.  Our end goal is for your student to become a better reader and writer. In order for that to happen we must do two things EVERYDAY—read and write. Students will be expected to read and write daily at home as well.  Feel free to encourage any additional reading or writing!

Math – We will meet in math each day to learn new strategies and concepts in order to become effective problem solvers. We will study place value, multiplication, division, fractions, and algebra. Students will have homework in math almost every Monday-Thursday. 

Science – This year we will learn how to be scientists and engineers before diving into our main topic, Populations and Ecosystems.  Once we understand populations and how they interact with ecosystems, we will look into Weather and Human Impacts.  Finally, we will close out our year with the study of the Atomic Structure.  

Social Studies – We will be taking a broad look at world history from the start of civilization up to US History.  We will span the globe looking at civilizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.


One thought on “Course Overviews

  1. Thank you for such a great site- Wow- I’m impressed! Since Ty seems to be a ‘young man’ of few words- about what’s going on in his classes re: what your working on, this really helps! I know besides that, he usually has more than a ‘few words’ to share! Keep up the great work, I’ll be following along and passing the word on about this site! Thanks, Katie (Ty Lund’s mom)!


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