Another Wonderful Whole School Assembly

Our assembly started with our wonderful student council going over some skits to show proper behavior around the school.  They would start a skit and then freeze the scene for audience participation.  The scholars gave feedback and suggestions on what an appropriate choice would be in the specific scenario.

Then, the infamous PLUS shirts were awarded.  All the scholars that received shirts this time around had one thing in common; they all volunteered to help give tours at the 6th Grade Parent Preview Night.  We, as a school, were very appreciative of them and heard many great pieces of feedback from future Lane parents!


In addition to being chosen for helping out Lane beyond the normal school day, each scholar received a shoutout from one of their teachers.  It was hard to narrow down what to say about each scholar, but we tried.

Hailey always has a smiling face every day, no matter what time of the day.  She is so pleasant to be around and a friend to all.  She has shown great perseverance this year in all the work she’s accomplished and the great gains she’s been making!

Gabby works hard at school and uplifts her classmates.  She has helped acquaint numerous new students to the West Coast routine and is always putting in 100% effort in her classwork!  She also helps to improve Lane by being on Student Council.

Patrick is also on Student Council.  He constantly pushes himself to dig deeper and extend his learning.  His KidBlog posts are very interesting and informative.  Patrick is always there to help his peers!

Andrew has done a wonderful job this year so far advocating for himself.  He asks questions if he is confused or wants to learn more about something.  He is a great addition to the West Coast.  His scholarship is evident in the work he completes.
IMG_7300-1l IMG_7277


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