Activism Research Paper Update

We are done with note taking and research!  All students should have notes taken and organized for their Activism topic.  Please ask your scholar to see their research and have a conversation about what they’ve learned so far.  If they don’t have any notes taken, they are behind and this is definitely now homework.

Today, we went over the scoring checklist for the paper.  All students have a paper copy, can view it digitally through iTunesU and here is a link in case you want to see it too!  If students are working on their writing at home, they should have the checklist by them to make sure they’re hitting all the important components of the essay.  We also looked at an exemplar writing example today.  The example has explanation boxes as to what makes this piece of writing well done.  You can see the sample writing here.  Students also have access to it digitally, but did not get a paper copy (I only made enough for one class set).

This week we will be working on HANDWRITING their rough drafts!  Yes, all scholars will be using pen/pencils and paper to write their rough draft.  Please make sure your scholar has pens or pencils; this is becoming a big problem again.  Next week, we will be revising and editing the essays.  Then students will be publishing their essays on their iPads the week after.  This process should be able to be done in class as long as time is being used effectively!  Feel free to check in day to day to see what your scholar has accomplished!  Thanks for all your help and support!


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