Students Making a Difference

We have been talking about Activism in our Balanced Literacy unit for about a month now.  We read about different activists to build some background knowledge and watched some videos of interviews of teen activists.  We are at the exciting point of our unit where each scholar is picking their own cause.  We started brainstorming today and will begin more intensive research on Monday.  Please follow up with your scholar and ask them about their topics!  This will be our big focus until Spring Break.  We will be researching then organizing notes into a cohesive essay.  Lastly, the scholars will be publishing their learning for a broader audience by making an iMovie, a website, a presentation, etc.

Your questions to follow up at home will help build the relevance of this project even deeper than just having school discussions.  These scholars impress me day to day with their ideas, suggestions and ways they want to make a difference!


2 thoughts on “Students Making a Difference

  1. This sounds like an awesome topic and I can’t wait to hear more about as well as seeing the finale. Thanks so much for keeping us parents in the loop! #lovelane #patriotpride


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