McFarland USA Field Trip

We just got back from our AMAZING McFarland USA movie field trip!

We were all very impressed with how well behaved all of our scholars were throughout the whole trip.

They made Lane VERY proud and should make you all proud too.

The movie was great and shared a motivational message!  

Have a conversation with your scholar tonight about the perseverance the McFarland runners showed!

Thanks again to the PTA for funding our transportation!

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Six Flags Reading Forms due Friday!

Friday February 27th will be the final day for submitting the Six Flags reading logs.

This is a great opportunity for a FUN summer trip!

Each student that reads 600 minutes will get a FREE ticket to Six Flags Great America!

We need Box Tops!

Do you have Box Tops to still submit but keep forgetting to send them with your scholar?

Bring them to Conferences on Thursday night!

There will be a Box Top collection box on the main table where you pick up Progress Reports.

The deadline for this year’s submission is Monday, 3/2,

so this is our last chance to earn money from Box Tops this school year.

Thanks for your continued support! – Lane Intermediate PTA

Lane’s First Scholastic Book Fair

Lane will be hosting a Scholastic Book fair from Tuesday, February 24 through Friday, February 27.  It will be set up in the lobby area by the new gym.

Tuesday, February 24:   Preview Day
Students will be taken down to the book fair to see the books and figure out the ones they’d like!

Wednesday, February 25:  Purchase Day
In the morning starting at 10:00 until 11:30, teams can bring groups of students or the whole group down to purchase book fair items.

Thursday, February 26:  Parent/Teacher Conference Night
The book fair will be open during the parent/teacher conference night from 4:30 to 8:00pm.

Friday, February 27:  Purchase Day
Last day of book fair.  Will be open from 8:15 to 10:30 for student purchasing.


Achieve Contest

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.49.46 AM

We are currently participating in an Achieve contest against the East Coast!

The contest starts today and goes until March 20.

Students are to read AT LEAST their two articles a week to help our coast qualify!  Each article that gets a score of a 75%, 88%, or 100% on the activity earns us bonus points!  Additional articles over their two a week help us earn extra points as well!

We won the Fall Contest, and I have nothing but confidence that we will win this one too!

If your scholar says they’re bored at home, now is an especially great time to promote Achieve!  

Parent Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder:

We are holding Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, February 26th from 4:30-8:00.

Conferences will be held in the Main Gym.

The format will be the same as Fall’s conferences where no appointments are scheduled, and you wait in line for the teacher(s) you need/want to speak with. Each conference shouldn’t last longer than ten minutes.

If Thursday does not work or you would prefer to schedule a phone conference or an email check in, please let me us know!

We are happy to communicate in any way possible to lead to more success for our scholars!

Students Making a Difference

We have been talking about Activism in our Balanced Literacy unit for about a month now.  We read about different activists to build some background knowledge and watched some videos of interviews of teen activists.  We are at the exciting point of our unit where each scholar is picking their own cause.  We started brainstorming today and will begin more intensive research on Monday.  Please follow up with your scholar and ask them about their topics!  This will be our big focus until Spring Break.  We will be researching then organizing notes into a cohesive essay.  Lastly, the scholars will be publishing their learning for a broader audience by making an iMovie, a website, a presentation, etc.

Your questions to follow up at home will help build the relevance of this project even deeper than just having school discussions.  These scholars impress me day to day with their ideas, suggestions and ways they want to make a difference!

PBIS Incentive Field Trip

We have been focusing on getting to our afternoon specials on time.

 If the students were to meet their goal, we were going to go see a movie as a school.

I am thankful to say WE MET OUR GOAL!

Permission slips went home yesterday.

We are going to see McFarland USA.  You can find more details about the movie here.

We are going on a field trip to Marcus Majestic Cinema in Brookfield on Thursday, February 26th from 10:00-1:45.

The cost of the trip is $5–this includes the movie and a popcorn.

Students can pay an additional $2.50 for a beverage as well.

Thanks PTA for covering the cost of the bus!

Additionally, due to the trip being over lunch,

Students need to bring a bag lunch that day OR Sodexo can supply them with one.

There is a spot to check that you need a bag lunch on the permission slip.

Permission slips are due on MONDAY.

Badger Exam

Tomorrow we are taking a PRACTICE Badger Exam.  Students are either taking the Math or ELA portion of the test to practice.  They will be getting experience with both as the weeks go on.  We want them to become familiar with the test and its format.  It requires using their iPad and answering questions in ways they are not used to.

What is the Badger Exam?
The Badger Exam is a computer based summative assessment administered in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The estimated time for test administration is around 4 hours for ELA assessments and around 3-4 hours for the mathematics assessment. The tests are not timed. The Badger Exam includes multiple choice, constructed response, technology-enhanced questions, and performance tasks.

Who takes the Badger Exam?
All students in grades 3-8 take the Badger Exam.

What are the testing dates for the Badger Exam Assessment?
The Badger Exam will be administered during the last 8 weeks of the school year between March 30th and May 22nd.

If you want more information about the exam itself, the district put together a presentation.  You can find that presentation here.  Additionally, here is a brochure the district put together.

For tomorrow, we are offering a FREE breakfast for all scholars from 7:15-8:00.

Please try to have your scholar get a good night sleep and come with a charged iPad.