PLUS Stars – Week 8


Congratulations to our PLUS kids from last week Friday.  (Sorry for the delay)

Perseverance: Hailey W. —   Hailey perseveres day in and day out.  She strives to put 100% effort into every task she is asked to accomplished.  She shows outstanding work in all of her classes and her Genius Hour project.  Keep persevering, Hailey!  We appreciate it!

Leadership:  Brandon Y. —   Brandon continues to be a leader and put his best work forward.  He always is asking good questions and helping his peers.  He is truly an asset to the West Coast!  Keep working hard, Brandon.

Uplift:  Analicia G.  —   Analicia is constantly uplifting her peers and teachers.  Every morning she greets us with a smile on her face and does the same before leaving.  She is always there to help a friend or a teacher.  She works to help anyone who is struggling or having a rough day.  Thanks for keeping the West Coast smiling, Analicia!

Scholarship:  Lechaunt —   Lechaunt works to be a scholar each day, but last week he was especially scholarly.  He showed his math skills by testing proficient in all math challenges on Digit Whiz.  Keep up the good work, Lechaunt!

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!


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