West Coast November PLUS Representatives

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Each month Mr. Henry asks for a few scholars that have been living the PLUS all month long.  As teachers, we look for scholars that live the PLUS (Perseverance, Leadership, Uplift and Scholarship) day to day. Mr. Henry acknowledged these scholars in an assembly this morning.  Their names were announced and they sat in a chair in front of their peers.  Each scholar chose two peers to speak on their behalf about all their amazing work.  They then were given a PLUS shirt (that cannot be bought).  Lastly, Mr. Henry spun and pushed them around on the chair.

These scholars work to make Lane a better place and help to build the community.  Each of the scholars pictured (Abby L., Sebastian W., and Morgan K.) make Lane better.  All three scholars enhance their seminars by actively participating and asking beneficial questions when they are confused.  Additionally when in Workshop, all three of these scholars can be found on task at all times.  If they are working independently, they are working hard!  When collaborating with others, they are bringing good ideas forward and uplifting those students that might not be sharing as much.

We are very honored to teach each of these scholars on a day to day basis.

Congratulations again Morgan, Abby and Sebastian.


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