PLUS Stars – Week 7

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Perseverance: Margaret Y. —   Margaret has been showing perseverance by working hard in her day to day tasks.  She especially showed perseverance the day she was home sick.  When Margaret was not in school, she still managed to get class work done.  She wrote on an amazing post on KidBlog.  Additionally, she worked on her other class work too.  She even was top in the school on Achieve!  Way to persevere, even if you’re not as school.

Leadership:  Sebastian W.  —   Sebastian has earned our PLUS star of the week once already this year, but he has been continuing to be a stellar example of the Patriot way.  For Science, our scholars are working on designing and constructing their own engineering project to make life better or to solve a problem.  Sebastian is working in two groups to help make their projects successful.  He continues to strive and show leadership daily in the West Coast.

Uplift:  Ben C.  —   Ben uplifts a full range of people throughout his days at Lane.  He uplifts his fellow scholars by helping them out when they have questions.  We saw Ben helping scholars who were absent and filling them in on their missing work. He uplifts his teachers by actively participating in seminar. Additionally, he uplifts Ms. Kaestner by helping her clean up the chairs after basketball games.  Ben is such an asset to Lane.

Scholarship:  Katrina S. (not pictured) —   Katrina is another second PLUS star award winner.  Katrina’s scholarship is continually shown even if she isn’t at school.  Last Friday, she was out sick.  She emailed her teachers letting them know.  She also iMessaged questions she had throughout the day; it was like she was still at school.  Additionally, she is putting together a website to document her learning and to help other students’ perfect their skills.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!


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