Achieve Follow Up

Achieve is a reading program that gives your scholar articles at their reading level.  Sometimes I assign them specific articles to read, but a lot of the time they are able to choose something they’re interested in.

Once they finish the article, they complete an 8 question activity.  Their goal is to score a 75% or better on their first attempt of the quiz.

(This shows up once the activity is completed).


Students should be completing two activities a week with a score of 75% or better.  They can do more!  Achieve is a great way to boost reading comprehension skills.  Some students complete one a night at home. 

When your child log in to Achieve, you will see a bar like the one pictured.  This shows the total number of activities they have completed above 75%.


All students should have had 17 articles done for today (11/17).


Here is a schedule for the number that should be completed for each week:

Due on…

11/17 – 17

11/24 – 19

12/1 – 21

12/8 – 23

12/15 – 25

1/5 – 30  (Over Winter Break)


If you can help at home to follow up with your child about Achieve and ask to see how many they have completed, I would greatly appreciate it!  Students are able to complete these articles anytime over the course of the week (at home or at school).

Any other questions, feel free to email me ( or ClassDojo message me.



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