PLUS Stars – Week 6


Perseverance: Billy L.  — Billy has been showing perseverance in all of his classes.  He is putting his best effort into all of his work even if it’s challenging for him.  He perseveres through any and all tasks asked of him.

Leadership:  Parker O. —  Parker continually shows his leadership in Workshop and in Seminars.  He helps out his fellow scholars that have questions.  He raises his hand to share out his knowledge in Seminar and continues to excel in 6th grade.

Uplift:  Tommy T. — Tommy has been uplifting people all year.  This week he spent a lot of time uplifting one of his fellow scholars.  He helped him to make sure he was on task, get him to his seminars on time and improving behaviors!  He did a wonderful job uplifting his fellow scholars and teachers this week.

Scholarship:  Nicole G. – Nicole’s scholarship skills have allowed her to continue to excel in 6th grade.  She shows high quality work in her assignments and puts in her best effort.  Instead of settling for “proficiency,” she works to show her best work each time.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!


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