Reading, Reading and more Reading!

Today, we talked about finding a good book to read for fun.  The students brainstormed strategies they used for finding good books such as searching for their interests, finding a genre they like, picking an author they’ve enjoyed reading before, reading a few pages, looking at the back cover, etc.

We then talked about ways they could get these books.  The first option was from my personal library I have in the Stanford room.  Students know it’s available for them to borrow books as long as they want.  We also talked about being able to order books online through Scholastic.  You can find the website here.  The class code is MMGGP.  Books can be ordered whenever, and the best part is we get points to earn more books for our class!  The link for this can be found on the right of the blog.  The last option we discussed was getting a book from our Lane Library.  Each student went down to the library and checked out a book or two.  This means each child should have a book they can read for enjoyment!  

PTA is kicking off some awesome reading incentive programs.  Students received two blue sheets of paper in their 9th hour class.  One is a chance to earn a FREE Six Flags ticket if the child reads 600 minutes by February.  The other is a chance for the student to earn a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut and other fabulous prizes for reading 15 pages a day for each month!  The reading they do can count for each contest.  There is a spot for a parent signature on each.  You can also find more specific details about each.

It is great to see these students get so excited about reading!  If you can promote/encourage reading at home and we can promote it at school, each child’s passion for reading will continue to grow!

If you want more information on the PTA, you can NOW find links to their website and Facebook page on the right side of our blog!  


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