PLUS Stars – Week 5


Perseverance: Jackeline G.  — Jackeline has been persevering since the beginning of the school year.  She transferred a few weeks in and worked hard to learn the expectations and procedures of the West Coast.  Jackeline shows perseverance with her work ethic because she always makes sure she turns in high quality work and pushes herself to be her best.

Leadership:  Zach E. —  Zach has been a great leader for the West Coast all year, but he has especially excelled this week.  When Ms. Kaestner sent out two different iTunesU posts about apps that needed to be downloaded, Zach had his accounts set up before even returning to school the next day.  He was a leader in his learning because he saw the notification at home and went right to work.  This then allowed him to be a leader in the classroom by helping his peers set up their accounts!

Uplift:  Xavier E. — Xavier has been uplifting scholars and teachers all year with his smiling face and friendly demeanor.  He uplifts teachers by his amazing behavior; he hasn’t lost a single point on Class Dojo all year!  He also uplifts his peers by leaving them constructive blog comments about things they did well and things they can improve on!

Scholarship:  Abby L. – Abby’s scholarship has been shown all year.  Abby always turns her work in on time, but not only that, her work is done well.  She holds herself to a high expectation and makes sure to provide neatly done, well organized assignments.  When in Workshop, you can see Abby collaborating with a table of scholars working on a common task.  She helps improve the conversation with her incite.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!


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