Beginning of 2nd Quarter

We just finished the first week of the second quarter.  Report cards are being sent home today!  We cannot believe how quickly this school year is going, and how much these scholars have grown already.  It’s wonderful seeing them becoming more accountable, more responsible and better advocates of their learning.

Thank you to those of you who filled out the Google Reflection Form.  If you did not and still want to, you can find the form here.  This form has given us great feedback and ideas on how to make the next quarter even more successful than the first one!

One question that I want to answer is about all the different forms of communication and technology for us, you as parents and the students.  We use a lot of different things, I agree, each has a purpose.  We are trying to figure out what works best for us and you.  This is our first year having a Team Blog for example, and this is the first year Class Dojo has the messaging feature.

Here is a “quick guide” as to the different technology and purposes:

Class Dojo—  We use for the students to monitor their behavior.  We’ve seen great changes in behaviors already this year with many students.  They reflect weekly on their scores and strategize ways to improve for next week.  We also LOVE the messaging feature.  This is a great way to communicate with us, and we like to use it to communicate with you.  I like to use it for whole group messages because I’m able to see when the message is “read.”  This allows me to know who’s seen it and who I might need to follow up with a different way.  Additionally, someone asked about knowing why the student earned or lost a point.  I’ve talked to the ClassDojo people, and they’re trying to find a way we can leave specific comments each time we give a point if necessary.  Sadly, this hasn’t happened yet.  Your child should be able to explain why they lost a point.  We try to have a conversation with them, explain the situation and use the Dojo vocabulary.  Positive points aren’t always told to the student, but most of the time it means they’re doing an amazing job in the classroom.

Parent Portal— You should use this to know what your child is missing.  After seeing what the Parent Portal looks like via the app, we noticed you are unable to see the “total points possible” for assignments.  This doesn’t make sense to us, and we are unsure of how to fix it.  For the time being, the number in parentheses at the end of the assignment title will represent the total points possible.

iTunesU– The students use this to monitor their workload and tasks their accomplishing.  They SHOULD NOT check off an assignment until it’s turned in.  Feel free to ask your child to see any of that work.  All work is turned in through Edmodo which means they can bring up anything they’re working on through the app (even if it isn’t on their iPad anymore).  If you’d like access to the iTunesU courses for yourself, let us know.  You can only access iTunesU through an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) though sadly.  

This Blog—  We use this blog as a way to send out smaller general messages.  These are messages that might be beneficial for you.  Like I said above, this is our first year with a team blog.  We are trying to use it to keep you better informed.  Thank you to those of you who read it and give feedback.

Thanks again for all you do to support your scholar and the school.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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