Plus Stars – Week 4


Perseverance: Hannah H. (not pictured) — Hannah always shows perseverance with everything she works on in at school.  Instead of turning in the work that is asked, Hannah excels and perseveres to turn in work at her highest quality.  She also shows her perseverance by staying on task and is always doing what she’s supposed to be doing all day long.

Leadership:  Leslie S. —  Leslie is an excellent leader by example.  She is an amazing scholar who helps her peers when they need it.  You can always find her collaborating and helping others who struggle.  Additionally, she leads by showing others how their behaviors should be in Workshop by modeling the appropriate behaviors for scholars.

Uplift:  Austin B. — Austin has been constantly uplifting people.  He is one of our daily door holders when we head down to morning base group.  He uplifts his teammates on the basketball court.  Additionally, he also goes over to Madison Elementary and uplifts his elementary school reading buddies.  He always has a positive demeanor about him and is a pleasure to be around.

Scholarship:  Abby S. – Abby shows her scholarly ways daily in Workshop.  She asks good questions when she is confused and always there to help another scholar who maybe struggling.  Her scholarship is shown daily by going above and beyond her daily expectations.  She is even working on a story with a few other students.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!


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