Master J.K. Lee Sends a Strong Message

Lane Intermediate was lucky enough to have a guest speaker, Master J.K. Lee, come speak to us about confidence, anti-bullying and other important topics that are important for all middle schoolers to hear.  After his presentation was done, the students blogged about their thoughts.  Instead of writing my interpretation, here are some of their thoughts from the presentation.

“J. K. Lee was an awesome instructor. I liked how he would give examples that made sense to me. He taught me things like not to fight back when being bullied. When I was being bullied by someone, I would fight back and get in trouble. Now I know that when that happens, not to fight back and I learned some techniques that will help me in the future.”

“Today JK Lee came here to tell us how to stand up to bullying.He also taught us how to block some moves for self defense.We learned ways that you could say something to somebody so we don’t do anything physical to them.We learned something called hot buttons.Hot buttons are something that makes you upset when some one says something to you that gets you really angry.”

“Today we had a guest visitor at Lane, his name was Master Lee. He told us some things about himself and why he was here. Then he said he was going to teach us some verbal self defense. He said you have to be kind to your opponent, and you have to be confident. Without confidence, the bullies will think it is easy to pick on you. We practiced some verbal, and physical defense will Master Lee. We had lots of fun, and I hope he comes again.”

“I thought that this presentation for bullying was just going to be a boring talk about nothing. But, it was not that at all, thanks to JK Lee. He did much more than talk. We moved around, did fun activities, and got us intrigued in what he was doing. That made this 45 minutes of fun. I was skeptical about it first. “What does this have to do with bullying?” He gave us examples about what had experienced throughout his life-including him being a victim.

He showed us what to do, say, and react to when we are in a bullying-type situation, and that helped me a lot. I will definitely use those ideas if I ever get into a situation like that. You should too. In fact, we all should. These are the kind of things we needed to learn long ago. And, yes, we finally have. Thanks, Jk Lee!”

He taught a lot of important lessons and shared some great strategies!  Please follow up with your child about what they learned today.
IMG_5220 IMG_5228 IMG_5233

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