Plus Stars – Week 3


Plus Stars of the Week

Perseverance:  Joseph J. — Joe has been working hard on all his tasks and persevering through his assignments.  When he is confused, he does not give up.  He perseveres through challenge and asks questions when needed.  He has been working extremely hard keeping up with his assignments on iTunesU.  Way to go Joseph, keep persevering.

Leadership:  Jazzy R. —  Jazzy is an amazing leader by example.  When spotted in Workshop, she is on task and doing what she’s supposed to be.  Other students are able to view Jazzy as a leader because of her positive actions.  She has also been a leader in Workshop by helping her peers that were struggling with their math assignments.  Nice job, Jazzy!  Keep being a leader.

Uplift:  Morgan K. — Morgan has been uplifting people all year.  This week she uplifted her peers by helping those who were struggling.  She has uplifted her teachers by her hard work on her school tasks and by her smiling, positive attitude daily.  Lastly, she uplifted elementary school students this week as well when she traveled to Madison Elementary.  Keep uplifting people, Morgan!

Scholarship:  Jasmine M. – Jasmine showed her scholarship this week by working extremely hard to get caught up on her work.  She realized she had some things missing and asked specific questions to find out what she needed to accomplish.  She then worked on those tasks and put in her best effort.  Way to be a scholar, Jasmine!

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!

Make sure to check back to see who our next PLUS Stars will be!


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