iTunes U

iTunesU is an app we use daily in the West Coast.  

Students use it to keep track of their assignments, find resources they need and turn in work.  Students are enrolled in separate courses for each of their classes:  Balanced Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies.  We are able to link resources to the course directly; this allows the students to find all the resources they need in one spot.  Additionally, students are able to check off assignments once they complete them; iTunesU makes an assignment task list for all the classwork for all four courses.  Another great feature is that it syncs due dates with their iCalendars so they are able to see that all in one place and get reminders for when things are due.

Most students are bringing home their iPads daily.  Ask to see their iTunesU courses for their classes.  This will let you know what they’re working on, the assignments they’re doing and due dates.  Also if your child cannot explain iTunesU to you, have them come see us or you could email/Class Dojo message us if they do not feel comfortable coming up to us.  iTunesU is integral to a successful student.  This will be a great check for us to see who is still confused as well.


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