This Week in the West Coast

Balanced Literacy:  We are continuing our blogging on the website, KidBlog, to enhance their writing and our instruction. Students are required to post on KidBlog at least twice a week.  They can post any time they want and even at home.  They are able to post on any topic of their choosing.  If you haven’t looked already, please ask your child to see their blogs!  As always, students should be completing at least two articles a week with a score of 75% or better.  We saw some great Lexile growth already from September.  Our reading focus this week is noticing when you lose your way.  This could be because of disinterest, stress, the text being too hard, lack of background knowledge or distractibility.  Personal Narrative Personalized Learning Plans are going out on Thursday.  While all 6th graders will be going through the Writing Process to write a personal narrative, different students will have different focuses to improve their writing.

Math:  This week in math we are finishing up our study of place value, rounding and estimating with review Monday and a quiz on Wednesday.  These skills are so important to everything we do in math and I want to make sure our scholars have these skills strong before we move into more topics.  We are continuing to use TenMarks and showing our work in our TenMarks journals; every student has work assigned to them based on their TenMarks pretest, either remediation or challenge or a little bit of both.  It is the district expectation that each kid complete 2 assignments at a 75% or higher.  Our next math topics will be exponents, order of operations and equations.     

Science:  This week in Science we are preparing to show our learning with a quiz and a lab assessment.  The quiz will take place on Wednesday and includes the Scientific Method as well as Experimental Design.  The lab assessment will be assessing the same skills but in a more involved fashion.  That lab will conclude next week.

Social Studies:  This week in Social Studies students will be completing a quiz on Tuesday showing that they understand how to preview text, analyze visuals, and use context clues.  After the quiz we will move on to the study of geography.  During our brief geography unit we will review latitude, longitude, aerial and satellite photographs, scale, map keys, and different types of maps.


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