PLUS Stars – Week 2


Pictured above are our PLUS stars of the week.

Perseverance:  Sebastian W. — Sebastian has been showing constant perseverance this week.  His iPad was having a few issues and ended up completely wiped.  Instead of spending his time without his iPad doing nothing, he found plenty of ways to accomplish his tasks without his iPad.  Additionally when he got his iPad back, he quickly asked for help and persevered through setting his iPad back up.

Leadership:  Gabby J. —  Gabby has been a constant leader on the West Coast team especially this week.  She has been sick on and off the past two weeks.  Upon her return, she checked her iTunesU courses to see what she missed.  When she needed help, she was able to ask her peers and her teachers specific questions.  We love the leadership we saw in Gabby with her ownership of her work.

Uplift:  Abbey H. — Abbey is always uplifting people in Workshop.  Yesterday specifically, she spent time helping out struggling students.  She was helping them with a task for Balanced Literacy.  Abbey always has a smile on her face and is ready to help anyone in need.

Scholarship:  Katrina (Not pictured) — Katrina is continuing to be an excelling scholar at Lane.  She has been turning in exceptional work.  She has been working on estimation challenge problems that are above grade level on TenMarks.  Her blog posts on KidBlog are growing in details by the week.  Lastly, she is writing a great script for her Genius Hour project.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!

Make sure to check back to see who our next PLUS Stars will be!


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