PLUS Stars

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As we have all school year long, we have been focusing on the PLUS model at Lane.  PLUS stands for Perseverance, Leadership, Uplift and Scholarship.  These four characteristics are important to teach to our students not just to make them better learners but to make them better people.

We will be acknowledging students that did an exceptional job this week on one of the four elements of the PLUS.  The students chosen are pictured above.

This week’s PLUS Stars are:

Perseverance:  Paige D. — Paige always puts 100% effort and thoroughness into all of her tasks.  Whether it is an assignment, an Achieve article or a MAPS test, you know Paige is giving every question and every answer a well thought out response.  She is persevering through every task given to her.

Leadership:  Maddie M. —  Maddie has been a leader in Workshop.  When she completes a task, she is always ready to help her fellow classmates with any questions they have.  She is there to answer questions on an assignment, how to use an app, or where to turn something in.

Uplift:  Ethan B. — Ethan has done a wonderful job uplifting his peers in Workshop this week.  He was seen in a matter of ten minutes helping two different students with questions they had on tasks.  Ethan uplifted them by clarifying what they needed to do and helped them with any other questions.

Uplift:  Kristian Z. — We started using a website called KidBlog.  Both teams are using this, and students are posting their own blogs.  Kristian is constantly uplifting all the writers by his great comments and feedback.  Many students have talked about how they appreciate getting comments and feedback on their writing from their peers.  Kristian is making this possible for many students.

Scholarship:  Patrick K. — Patrick has been a model scholar all week long.  Any time he was randomly chosen for Class Dojo, he was on task, sitting up straight in his desk and working hard.  These are qualities we look for in our Lane scholars.  Additionally, Patrick has been showing his scholarship on his amazing KidBlog posts about the Super Smash Bros.  His blogs are well written and are a great example for his peers to read.

We are very proud of these students, in addition to all of our scholars at Lane!

Make sure to check back to see who our next PLUS Stars will be!


2 thoughts on “PLUS Stars

  1. Nicely done! Thanks for including Kristian in this weeks PLUS Stars. This is a great start to the school year and the Lane Patriots!
    Erik and Andrea Zenz


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