Technology Policies for the West Coast

1.  App Downloads:  We want our students on educational apps only while in school.  If your child downloads a “non-educational” app like Madden Football, we want to make sure that (a) they had your permission to do so and (b) this or other “non-educational” apps are not used in school.

2.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy: Because all of our students have iPads, there is no need for them to be using a personal device at school.  However, if a child does not have an iPad or they are experiencing technical difficulties, they are able to use their device for educational purposes only.

This is a great time to have a conservation with your child about what apps are on their iPad.  We have seen many cool educational apps and many “non-educational” apps.  It seems that our students understand what is appropriate at school and home and we thank you for helping them make that distinction.  We want to all be on the same page so that students continue being successful learners in the classroom and at home.


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