Workshop Seminar Model has Begun!

The students have been asking about following their schedules and getting into academics.  Today, we officially began!  The students checked their emails this morning in base group and had seminar invitations.  They added these to their calendars to help them track and plan their day.  If you don’t have an Apple Id setup yet, please do that soon.  This will help with their calendars.  

Seminar is a fancy term for our direct instruction time.  In this model, we are able to pull students in groups we see fit for instruction.  This allows us to better meet each child’s needs.  The direct instruction seminar time ranges from twenty minutes to forty five minutes depending on what’s being taught.  Their seminars will happen during their scheduled class time.

When not in a seminar, students are in a Workshop room.  There are three rooms available:  USC, Stanford and UC-Berkeley.  The USC room is silent and independent.  Students are able to work on Achieve in there or any other tasks they want silence for.  The Stanford and UC-Berkeley room are open for collaboration.  Students are able to use each other as resources and ask each other questions while working.

A few important reminders/updates:

-Please remember to login to Class Dojo to see your child’s daily/weekly behavior.  We will be passing out more negative points this week.  We are using them as a reflection tool for students.  It is much better for us to let these students be aware of their behaviors early on and have them correct them.  If your child has a few negative points, that is nothing to be alarmed over.

-iPads are scheduled to go home on FRIDAY, if all the proper forms are turned in and your child has a protective case that covers the front of their iPads.  The iPad sleeves can be purchased through school for $6.

-Homework will be starting.  While it may not be nightly, please check with your student.  Additionally, continue having those conversations about how school is going, how classes are and how they’re adjusting to middle school.  We really appreciate having you all as partners guiding towards your child’s success.

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