Week 2 Day 1: The Start of iPad Rollout

photo 1photo 2


Today was the day for most of our students as we began iPad rollout.  We are starting with the basics as students learn about this academic tool.  Beginning with setting up an email and using a calendar, we will progress to learning about many different apps before our two weeks of “How To Do School” academy is over.  Please make sure to discuss proper use of the Apple ID with your student.  We are taking a slow approach to adding apps as the district decides which ones they will be providing.  Stay tuned for information about what apps we will be using in the classroom.  For tomorrow, we will be exploring the Safari and Notes app as we go on a scavenger hunt around the world.  

In addition to the exciting iPad rollout, we continue to teach our students the skills that will help make them successful at Lane Intermediate.  Now that we’ve established a Social Contract, which outlines how we will treat each other, we will be expecting students to follow those guidelines.  You can see this document below.  


Finally, we continue to encourage students to live the Patriot PLUS, which stands for:

  • Perseverance
  • Leadership
  • Uplift
  • Scholarship

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